Port of Lahnstein

At the fork of Rhine and Lahn 

the inland port of Lahnstein complements the well-established infrastructure on the Central Rhine and is of special relevance for the right bank of the Rhine. The inland port is subdivided into the port district of Oberlahnstein with the port basin and the river port in Niederlahnstein. Together with the locations Koblenz, Andernach, Neuwied and Bendorf, the port of Lahnstein represents an essential traffic infrastructure, for both logistics and cargo industry of the region. The most significant cargo goods range from animal feeds and fertilizer to metal produce, coal, corn and wood pellets up to construction material.

Statistics 2020

Cargo handling141,8756 tons

Port profile section Oberlahnstein

LocationRhine km 584.70– 585.0 r
Transport connectionB 42, B 260, B 327
Port area16.3 ha
Lenght of quay750 m
Port trainnone
Handling terminalsGantry crane (8/15 t)
Container bridge (8/13 t)
Storage10,000 sqm outdoor storage
12,000 sqm covered storage
20,000 sqm industrial area
40,000 sqm industrial real estate
Handling operatorRPL Lahnstein GmbH
Foto: Proland Rheinisch-Nassauische Lagerhaus GmbH

Port profile section Niederlahnstein

LocationRhine km 587.064 – 587.663 r
Transport connectionB 42, B 260, B 327
Port area0.7 ha
Lenght of quay700 m
Port trainnone
Handling terminals2 cranes (8/10 t
1 handling terminal for bitumen
Storage30,000 t corn warehouse
12,000 t fertilizer warehouse
5,000 t cargo
20,000 cubic meters storage tanks
Handling operatorLIESEN Tank 1 GmbH & Co. KG